An intervention specialist is a professional trained how to identify the most suitable people in the life of an addict who are likely to be the most influential in convincing the addict to accept substance abuse treatment. These influential people form part of the team that will persuade the addict to accept and believe that they can live a life free of drug abuse.

The main duty of the intervention specialist is to educate and train the intervention team members and facilitate the intervention process. This professional helps families, corporate groups, and friends to intervene quickly in the required manner in the event the addict starts to relapse.

The intervention specialist must be prepared for anything. This does not mean that they should force the addict to undertake the addiction treatment. The goal should be using words of persuasion in order to enable the addict to see and appreciate the need of undertaking treatment. The intervention specialist has to prepare for anything that may take place at the meeting.

Intervention Specialist

In the strict sense of the word, it is not a meeting, but a forum which is aimed at ensuring that the addict gets into treatment as soon as possible. The most difficult part of treatment is convincing the mind that you can undertake the treatment. Most petiole may not be able to because of fear of post-drug abuse symptoms, which include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Generalized body aches

If you have a friend or relative addicted to drugs and you have tried unsuccessfully to convince him or her to undertake treatment, you should seek the help of a qualified and experienced intervention specialist. It is very good to learn and appreciate the fact the best intervention specialists may not be the cheapest. Experienced professionals charge relatively higher for their services.

Who is the Best Intervention Specialist? – There has been flooding of intervention specialists and it may not be easy to choose the most suitable, depending on your needs and requirements. To get the ideal intervention specialist, you must conduct the necessary research over the internet. In doing the research, you should review and preview the profile of different intervention specialists.

You should ensure the intervention specialist you choose is registered and has subscribed membership to various professional bodies such as the Association of Intervention Specialists (AIB). You should also ensure that the professional is adequately covered by malpractice insurance as set by relevant professional bodies.

Some people, through their articles, seem to suggest that the best intervention specialist is a former substance abuse addict. There are no clear facts to support or dispute this, but it may be reasonable to argue that a professional who is a former substance abuse addict will offer advice and counseling from experience, not general knowledge, so he or she may actually be best.